100% Turkish Linen Hamam Towels

Beautifully light, even more absorbent than cotton, quick-drying and enduring. Body-sized-towel, beach wrap, hairwrap, or you can use them to accessorize.

Luxuriously soft and supple, investment items that will last.

Handwoven in Turkey on traditional wooden shuttlelooms.

Grace / Camper Stripes.

£100 each.

Contact to enquire and purchase.


Grace Linen Hamam Towel in Coral and Ecru.

Beach Rock Van Neon Camper Stripes Part1

Neon Camper Stripes Linen Hamam Towel. Also available in red and grey.

Beaches and cream linen peshtemel pbtog1

Grace Linen Hamam Towel. Various colourways. £100 each.

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