What is a hamam towel or peshtemel?

Peshtemel (pronounced “peshtemel” in Turkish) are flat-woven towels or body wraps, originally made for use in the hamam, beautiful public baths where people would meet, socialise, get clean, and revitalise. Light to carry and be wrapped in, highly-absorbent and quick-drying, hamam towels are ultimately practical and convenient. From simply created cotton basics to luxury weaves, linen and silk, hamam towels are now becoming essential  because of their versatility, usefulness, beautiful style and practicality.

How absorbent are hamam towels or peshtamels?

Just as absorbent as standard towels!  Raw organic cotton becomes more absorbent with every wash – see our product Care Instructions for more information.

How different are arta ahura deep-looped Turkish towels?

arta ahura deep-looped thick luxury Turkish towels are the perfect compliment to flat-woven, lighter peshtemel. Luxuriously thick and heavier than standard shop bought towels they are cosier and warmer for use at home in cooler months.

Looped towels made on old-style wooden shuttle looms are stronger and more durable and last at least 20 years, though we have heard of them lasting well for much longer. Using organic cotton increases their quality — raw organic cotton is stronger again, becoming more absorbent with use. See our Care Instructions page here.

The looping method of weaving cotton was invented in the 17th century, as royal Ottoman demand for different and more intricate weaves inspired weavers to experiment with their techniques. By pulling an additional warp thread into a loop and locking it into place with the weft or shuttle thread, and repeating these loops, the “havly” – and our idea of the modern towel today – was born. In time this thicker towel became the “havlu” or “with loops”.

What does “organic” actually mean?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world’s leading standard for textiles made from organic fibres. GOTS environmental criteria include that products labelled organic must be of at least 95% organic origin. For our cotton towels our weavers only use 100% GOTS certified threads. Organic cotton is entirely free of pesticides and chemicals normally sprayed on non-organic crops. The standard also includes requirements for processing and dyeing – for example, the use of bleach chlorine is not permitted.

Why raw organic cotton?

There are many reasons organic cotton is better than non-organic. We love organic cotton because it is better for the earth, producers and the people who wear and use it. Currently only a very small percentage of towels are produced with organic cotton, yet these are items that we use each and every day, and that we want to last a long time.

Raw organic cotton retains the natural strength of the cotton because the natural wax exterior of the cotton fibres it is not stripped by harsh chemicals during production. Organic cotton is more durable and with use over time becomes softer and more absorbent than non-organic cotton.

Why is handmade or handloomed preferable?

As well as the value of maintaining age-old crafts of creating by hand, and supporting the independence of our artisan producers, we love handlooming because it makes for stronger and more durable products. Cotton fibres are handled more gently in the process of handlooming than in fast, machinated factory production, resulting in a softer feel and greater integrity as the fibres in our towels are undamaged and higher quality.

How do I make a purchase with you?

arta ahura products are available by contacting us by online form, or by phone on 01237 431795 or email, hello.arta.ahura@gmail.com.

Why do you only have a ‘shop window’ online?

Not having high web-shop costs means we can pass the saving on to our customers. We also follow principles of slow-shopping — enjoying the process and buying quality products that last and which are loved for a long time.

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