Care Information

arta ahura products are made to last, created by artisans using traditional methods, raw organic cotton and the highest quality natural materials. We offer detailed care instructions and eco-friendly methods to maximise their endurability.

Raw organic cotton has not been stripped by chemicals to fast-force absorbency. It is therefore stronger and endures over time. However, it becomes absorbent a little more slowly.

Before using your towel:

To introduce your towel to its absorbency, we recommend first soaking it in plain water. Flat-woven towels need 6-12 hours, or an overnight, soak. Deep-looped towels need 24 hours. To ensure the towel is completely saturated with water, squeeze it through with your hands, let it soak – and then hang to let it drip-dry.

This process of saturating, waiting and slow-drying trains the fibres into their natural absorbency because your organic towel has not been chemically processed to force the material to become absorbent. It therefore retains its natural strength.

If you live in a hard-water area, you may wish to add a cup of clear vinegar to the soaking water to assist the water to soften.

If you do not have space to hang your towel, machine spin before drying, and repeat the soaking process if necessary.


The absorbency of your organic cotton towel will then naturally increase over time with a few normal washes. Naturally anti-bacterial, your towel will also stay fresher than standard mass-produced towels, as well as last much longer and become more absorbent.

Re-tying Tassels

Should a tassel come loose, first check how the other tassels have been twisted or gathered before being tied. Simply copy how the end threads have been gathered and twisted and re-tie with a simple overhand knot.

Keeping whites white and eco-sensitively removing stains

Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach on your towel, as they will damage its natural fibres. As a natural alternative, we recommend using clear vinegar and baking soda. (A reaction happens when these two ingredients are mixed, so do not try and mix them in a container, they may bubble up and make a mess.)

Put a teaspoon of clear vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda directly onto a stain, rub gently and machine wash as normal.

You can also use up to a small cup of each (pour directly into the washing machine) to slowly and naturally whiten your whites.

100% organic raw cotton luxury deep-looped thick Turkish towels

Our luxury towels contain more organic cotton and therefore require a little more time soaking to learn their absorbency.

How to fix a Loose Loop?

Loose loops should simply be cut with sharp scissors at the height of the other loops, being careful not to cut them too. If cut like this, it will not affect the rest of the towel, but if left, a longer thread may loosen. We recommend avoiding wearing jewellery while using your looped towels as it may catch and snag the loops.

Washing instructions

Organic Cotton towels

Machine wash at 30-40°C / No fabric softener / No bleach / Cool-medium dryer – do not overdry your cotton

Linen towels

Machine wash at 30-40°C / No fabric softener / No bleach / Cool-medium dryer – do not overdry

Silk towels — hand wash with natural soap. No softener, bleach or dryer. Avoid prolonged exposure to bright sunlight which ‘eats’ silk!