arta ahura


Giving generously

arta ahura are delighted to work together with Aid Box Community (ABC), a registered charity in Bristol, serving refugees in difficult financial circumstances via the ABC Free Shop.


We donate a towel of the same value for every towel you buy directly from us. You can see our donations made here.






The idea to donate was inspired by an experience in a huge aircraft hanger in North Devon, helping to sort enormous piles of clothing given locally to send to refugees from the war in Syria.


These mountains were incredible generosity, and an incredible mixture -- from brand new technical all-weather outdoor gear to everyone-likes-to-have-fun sequins and everything inbetween. Lots of people were there to help sort the huge piles.


Unfortunately some donations were not suitable to send. Volunteers were all given the same instruction: "Only send the pieces you would be happy to give a friend". Items that were too worn were sent instead for recycling.


From that moment on, I thought about each item I handled, and about sending it on with the sense of care I would send a gift to someone I love.


Knowing what was sent was worth sending made me feel more hopeful for and connected to the people receiving them and that I had done something useful.


I wanted to bring a strong ethic of giving back into arta ahura, and finding ABC was a lightbulb moment, a way to make giving possible and share the benefits of our beautiful towels..


when you buy, we give