arta ahura


About us (... & our Towels)

arta ahura is a small family business, begun when living and travelling in Turkey we found some of the beautiful original towels that have been used in hamams for centuries.


We wanted to make a family business as a bridge between our home countries, and to create the best towels possible -- organic and sustainable -- and share them.


We also believe in donating generously & with your and other customers' help, we are thrilled to be a Giving Partner to Aid Box Community in Bristol. Please find out more on our DONATING page and make your order to make a long-lasting positive difference. Thank you for your generosity.






People and earth-friendly:

Using only Turkish organic cotton and linen, our towels are handwoven in the old-fashioned way, on shuttle-looms by master crafts-people. Sourcing and taking our chosen threads to them, our weavers are able to maintain their independence, staying free from mass-factory production lines and also creating stronger, longer-lasting towels that are body-kind, too.


We believe arta ahura towels are beautiful investment pieces that will stand the test of time and bring you joy with each & every use.





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