arta ahura is about making life more beautiful, simpler, and kinder to the earth and to people. Towards this we sell beautiful organic, handmade Turkish towels.

Hamam towels, fouta or pestemel (pronounced ‘peshtemel’ and meaning ‘basic piece’) are the way towels were originally created. Flat-woven wraps carry and store easily, wash and dry quickly, and have multiple uses.

Deep-looped towels are original luxury versions of the terry towel, much heavier and thicker, they are perfect for colder climates and seasons.

These are high-quality, enduring pieces to invest in and enjoy every day. Cheaply made towel versions do not compare in quality to organic and completely handwoven hamam towels — which last longer and are better for your skin, the farmers, thread-spinners, the weavers and the land.

Mass-scale factory production almost suffocated the age-old Turkish culture of handweaving using traditional wooden shuttlelooms. arta ahura is proud to be helping to revive and regenerate the use and appreciation of age old artisan skills. There are only a very small number of master weavers left who are still producing handwoven deep-looped towels. All our weavers are independent, their skills passed on through family generations.

arta ahura towels are only made with 100% raw organic cotton, or naturally organic linen, grown in Turkey.

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